Mongodb: Serverless compute with a big difference

An Network servers in data room .

MongoDB’s new Stitch service is another approach to delivering serverless compute, but with one big difference: it’s got state. Most serverless computing implementations are stateless: they spin up in response to a trigger and once the function they host has run, they’re deleted. There’s no need to store state from instance to instance, as they’re just part…

Vivint Meets Smart Home IoT Challenges Using DevOps


Smart home technology vendor Vivint  serves more than 1 million U.S. and Canadian consumers with services including broadband internet, cloud storage, home automation products, home security services and energy automation controls. The company, which got its start in home security, leverages door and window sensors, motion detectors and glass-break sensors, as well as those that…

Planet Nodejs


Most people use Babel to compile ES2015 or JSX code. But it’s actually a multi-purpose JavaScript compilation tool. This talk by Matt Zeunert (@mattzeunert) will show how you can use Babel to create your own code transformation rules. This talk was filmed at JS Monthly London on July 25 2016. [00:00:05] Hi everyone. I’m going…

Applications Learn how to ajaxify


#Applications Learn how to ajaxify your Laravel application automatically … #tutorial #support

Node.js community is ‘completely feral’ and a model for future development, says Weaveworks


The open source Node.js community is “completely feral” and full of coders who “don’t know what they’re doing”. But it is also an indicator of “what the next 15 years of development will be like”. This is according to Weaveworks founder and CEO Alexis Richardson, who foresees a chaotic – but ultimately progressive – near…

Angular 2 RC5 – NgModules, Lazy Loading and AoT compilation


Angular 2 Support for @NgModule decorators FormsModule, RouterModule, and Material Design modules make it easier to use these libraries Ahead-of-time (AoT) compilation for components and services Lazy-loading support for the router NgModules @NgModule is a new decorator added in RC5 that provide a number of useful features for both Angular’s core and developer ergonomics. Check…